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the chicken coop

  • Chickens need shelter from the rain, sun, heat, cold and predators. You will need a chicken coop for this.

  • The coop needs plenty of space for the chooks to move about in.

  • The coop needs to be kept clean and dry. I put down sugarcane mulch on the base of the coop floor, this decreases the smell of the chicken poo and keeps the coop clean. I shovel out the mulch every so often and put it on the veggie garden.

  • The chicken coop should always have clean fresh water and food.

  • The coop needs a roost for the chooks to sit on at night.

  • The coop needs nesting boxes that are quiet and dark for the chooks to lay their eggs.

  • Our compost is in the chicken coop, this gives the chooks something to do when they're in the coop. They scratch around for bugs in the compost and eat the food scraps from the compost. Their scratching and pooing in the compost helps it to break down quicker so I can put the compost on the veggie garden and grow fresh veggies. 

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