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GG Gang and the battery chook breakout













Pages: 116

Reading age: 7 - 12 years

Style: Paperback children's chapter book

About: GG Gang and the Battery Chook Breakout is the first book I have published. It was released in July 2022. You can buy a copy of the book, signed by me, from my shop. The book is the fist book in my Clancy's Chicken Adventures series. 


My chickens are dinosaur-sized talking birds, and they’re on a rampage. They’ve formed a Gang, busted up our house, shot some crows, burnt down the local pie shop, angered the police and ....

OH NO, I just stepped in chicken POO. Eww!

Clancy’s enormous talking chickens have named themselves the ‘GG Gang’ and embarked on an adventure fraught with danger and laughter. Their plan? - To rescue the battery hens from captivity. But will they be stopped by giant evil rats? And will their endless whirlwind of eating, costume changes, and randoms acts of silliness bring everything undone? 

Full of mischief and mayhem, GG Gang and the Battery Chook Breakout is an imaginative version of animal rights activism. The book also tackles important topics like yabby fart ignition, heads stuck in toilet bowls, and the terror of riding in a monster truck driven at high speed by an over-sized chicken.


This is the first book in Clancy's Chicken Adventure series, which the author, Clancy McDonald, wrote at the age of eight.     

Image of book GG Gang and the Battery Chook Breakout. Two children flying on a chicken over the sea.


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