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GG Gang: greenies, Grenades & rat guts

It's been released!!!!! Yippee!!!!! 

     In book 2 my pet chickens are dinosaur-sized and out for vengeance. Angry at humans for the planet’s environmental mess, the chooks, or GG Gang as they like to be called, embark on a mission to take over the world. Me and my friend Lexi are swept up in the crazy adventure, desperate to protect good humans from this chicken-led Armageddon. But everyone’s plans come unstuck when giant evil rats appear in numbers seemingly impossible to defeat. Will I save the day? Or will vengeful chickens, and a rat plague, destroy planet earth? 

     GG Gang: Greenies, Grenades and Rat Guts promotes poultry prescribed environmental solutions. The book also tackles the technical aspects of exploding egg bombs, the dangers of human heads stuck in chicken bums, and the Queen’s desire to let off a smelly fart in public. 

     This is the second book in Clancy’s Chicken Adventures, which I wrote at the age of eight.

book 2 ebook cover 2nd attempt.png
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